Seven Reasons To Choose Aurora Royal For Shopping For Kids Clothing

Seven Reasons To Choose Aurora Royal For Shopping For Kids Clothing

When it comes to Wholesale shopping for Spanish hand smocked kids' clothing, there are certain factors you will need to consider because no parent compromises on the comfort their kids get through clothing. Aurora Royal thinks like a parent, and for this reason, Aurora Royal should be your leading choice.

Here are seven reasons to choose Aurora Royal for Wholesale shopping for kids:

The age groups

Aurora Royal offer trendy clothing for baby, toddler, and young boys and girls. Their age ranges from 0 to 12, which supports their vast collection of kids' clothing.

The styles and selection

Other than supporting kids clothing items for a wide range of kids age, a Wholesaler for kids clothing must also offer a great variety of clothing styles and selections at affordable prices.

Aurora Royal kid's clothing are handcrafted using high-quality soft organic fabric. The clothes are also designed according to the recent fashion trends. The high-quality soft fabric is gentle on the skin and makes the clothing comfortable to wear throughout the day. At the same time, the trendy design ensures fashion-forward attire. The embroidery on the clothing is done by hand, which provides utmost attention to the design details.

Moreover, the premium quality clothing does not fade or lose its fittings. This way, they can be passed down to generations and still withstand their fitting and color.

Aurora Royal offer clothing styles for baby, toddler, and young girls and girls from knitwear, dresses/buster suits, rompers, and hand smocked to fully matching outfits and nightwear. They also cover special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. Moreover, they also offer tops, socks, and tights.

Aurora Royal clothing items for kids are further categorized by the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. So, for easy accessibility, you can also shop by season, traditional Spanish clothes, classic clothes, or special occasions.

The Experience

The experience of the Wholesaler not only depends on how long they have been in business but also depends on how many clients they have satisfied.

Aurora Royal has been in business for two whole decades and is located in the United Kingdom. They have offered high-quality, fashion-forward kids clothing successfully for two full decades. Moreover, Aurora Royal has maintained a high profile as UKs top kids clothes wholesalers at affordable prices.

Their wide range of handcrafted clothing and up-to-date styles has satisfied the needs of all their customers. For further transparency, you can visit the Aurora Royal office during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Payment Methods

All the designs Aurora Royal offers are marked at affordable prices. A minimum of 50 pounds order is necessary for checkout. Aurora Royal offer a wide range of payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, stripe, and Google Play.

Shipping Methods

Aurora Royal wants to ensure you receive your shipment in just two to three working days. They ship through four different shipping services such as Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL, and UPS to accommodate you. Furthermore, they even send to international clients.

Website and Customer service

Aurora Royal has a user-friendly website that allows you to look at what kids' clothing they offer clearly. The uploaded high-quality images will enable you to zoom in and focus on the detailing; they also show front and back views of the clothes.

Moreover, they have excellent customer assistance, which is available 24/7 to answer all queries regarding any products or services. Or contact them through their email designated for information only.

Exchange or Cancellation

Aurora Royal offers no returns except if the product has significant defects, is damaged, or faulty. They offer no cancellations or changes either.

However, in case of cancellations or returns, you may notify Aurora Royal within seven days of receiving the shipment through call, email, or letter. The same procedure applies if you received a wrong order.


Aurora Styles offers a massive collection of fashionable yet comfortable handcrafted clothing for kids ranging from 0 to 12. Moreover, their affordable clothing can be categorized under the four seasons and different special occasions. Aurora Royal are the UK's top baby clothes wholesalers who have maintained the quality of the clothes and their image over the past two decades!

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